Furnarì®️ knitwear requires special care

While other garments wear out with washing, it is said that "the more you wash the cashmere pullover, the softer and more beautiful it becomes". 

Read the instructions on the care label.

  • We recommend  to wash the garments in warm water at a temperature that does not exceed 30 °C or the hand wash cycle of the washing machine with the addition of neutral liquid soap. 
  • The rinsing will be fundamental, making sure you have washed away all traces of detergent until you get a completely clear and clean water.
  • It will then be the moment of drying: the garment is squeezed slightly and wrapped in a non-colored towel, to be left in the open air, to make the garment lose all the residual moisture. 
  • Finally, the towel is changed, the garment is wrapped again, and it is left to dry at room temperature on a surface, away from intense source of heat. Give a touch of steam the garment to remove winkles and restore its shape. 
  • When the Cashmere garments are not used, we recommend, in addition to the use of widespread anti-moth products, to close the garments in special plastic bags.
  • By carrying them, the so-called "pilling" is formed, completely normal, which can be removed with a simple brush. 

With these simple precautions we guarantee long life and the maintenance of the characteristics of your Furnarì®️ knitwear over time.