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Marder (7572393296104) Fur coat (7572393296104)
Marten coat with stand-up collar
Selling priceCHF7.900,00
Marder (7572374421736) Fur coat (7572374421736)
Marder (7572380090600) Fur coat (7572380090600)
Fur coat with marten with shawl collar
Selling priceCHF6.900,00
Fur coat (7572384841960) Mardi coat with stand -up collar (7572384841960)
Marten coat with stand-up collar
Selling priceCHF5.890,00
Marder (7572358201576) Mardermantel  (7572358201576)
Marten coat with a classic collar
Selling priceCHF5.890,00
Marder (7572265763048) Pelzrmantel  (7572265763048)
Mardermantel (7572240367848) Marder (7572240367848)
Mard coat with a scarf collar for women (7544626807016) Mardi coat with a shawl collar for women (7544626807016)
Marten coat with shawl collar for women
Selling priceCHF5.100,00

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