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The upcycling trend meets several needs of the modern world - consciously consciously, keeping the wardrobe up to date and keeping the beauty of favorite things for many years. The designers of the Furnari brand support the idea of ​​the "upgrade" and are happy to take on this task.


Slow fashion

Slow Fashion - "Slow Fashion", which includes upcycling practice, appeals both fashionistas and those who are concerned about the effects of humans on the planet. Decorating the favorite fur coat means following the three commandments of fashion crowd: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (reduce consumption, reuse and recycle).


Work with natural pelz

The value of natural pelz is not only in its natural softness, beauty and phenomenal ability to keep warm. With proper care and use, natural pelza products can hold dozens of seasons. Even after years, the fur coat does not lose its noble appearance - magical shine, excellent texture, plasticity of the fur tissue, looseness and shine of the villi.


Subtile product thinking

The fashion world changes rapidly - new silhouettes, cuts, shades and combinations appear on the catwalk of the fur coats. Furnari designers pay attention to timeless classics, so they prefer a balanced cut, clear lines and forego excessive decor and memorable details when restoring or modifying models. Even after a few seasons, such a fur coat will be relevant and will later receive an elegant vintage look. Furnari upcycling is primarily about a subtle rethink of the product in order not only to breathe into your favorite piece, but also to significantly shorten its lifespan.

Furnari Collection Case Winter 2021


What belongs to the upcycling of Furnari

The designers and designers of Furnari use their many years of experience with valuable fur types when upcycling fur coats. When restoring products, brand experts offer a careful update of the product on several levels: updating the silhouette, change in the length and lines of the cutting, reconstruction of the shape and volume of the collar, replacement of the feed with luxurious versions from designer-Öko silk Remove outdated decor, replace accessories. Another nice bonus is that Furnari designers can create an elegant accessory from cuts of fur substances that remain after the reconstruction.