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Fur coat: an environmentally friendly choice

Conscious consumption is not only a fad, but also a value of the modern world. Sustainability and brand responsibility have become an integral part of entering the palace of the...

Conscious consumption is not only a fad, but also a value of the modern world. Sustainability and brand responsibility have become an integral part of entering the palace of the fashion industry- sustainability is an important and sales argument for both customers and manufacturers.

Natural pelza is sustainable because it is one of the most environmentally friendly materials appreciated by designers around the world. In this article, designers of the Furnarì® brand talk about the most important steps of a conscious approach to the selection of a Fur coat.

 Furnari® FW '2021 collection

Environmentally friendly material

The selection between natural and art fur is not easy even fashion dies- the discussion about the environmental impact of these materials does not tear off. Art fibers are made from petroleum products and need a lot of resources - one Fur coat Doesn't last very long, leaves microplastics in the air and in the water and it takes decades to break down in nature. Natural pelz has incomparable properties, especially in the aging and weather resistance - with proper care, the fur coat retains its heat ability, its suppleness and luxurious shine for many years.

Environmentally friendly production

Not only the material should be environmentally friendly, but also the entire manufacturing process of one Fur coat It must be. This task fulfills only manual factory work, which is harmless to the environment as well as limited Collections. So that the noble product not only remains valuable through exclusivity, but also through its invisible ecological footprint.

Handmade by the masters Furnari®


Classic never comes out of fashion

Another step towards the conscious purchase of a fur coat is the choice of concise, flawlessly cut models in natural tones. The classic never comes out of fashion. Noble colors, classic cut, waiver of unnecessary details - all of this does it Fur coat To a universal cloakroom component that can easily be combined in different ways. With the right care, the fur coat receives its vintage elegance and thus becomes an even more valuable accessory.
 Marten fur coat
 Furnari® FW '2021 collection


Brand reputation

An equally important part of conscious consumption is the choice of the brand with perfect reputation. The history of the Furnarì® fashion brand started more than 20 years ago with a family tailoring for outer clothing. In a few years, a small factory has developed into a large brand that works with important Milan manufacturers and presented its collections at exhibitions in major European cities. We have always attached great importance to manual production by finishing high -quality materials to exclusive products. The responsible handling of materials, humans and the environment is very important to us and a integral part of our Company philosophy.

Upcycling ability

Furnarì® breathes hers Fur products new life. Upcycling is an integral part of our range of services based on a trend in the European fashion world, which is underpinned by the constant customer demand. The designers of the Furnarì® brand offer upcycling of fur coats - this includes: gentle renewal of the silhouettes lines, updating the cutting, adaptation of the length, renewal of the feed and the accessories, restoration of the fur tissue.
Nerz fur coat
Furnari® FW '2021 collection


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