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Minimalism and sophistication: Monochrome looks with the coat from Furnari®

Stylish monochrome looks have been fashionable for several seasons, so this trend can be safely transferred to the list of "new classics". Collecting a picture by color is not only beautiful, but also very practical, especially when it comes to natural pastel tones. With this solution you can look relevant, spectacular and at the same time reserved and very elegant.


Total beige

Beige Monochrome is a timeless classic that inspires fashion houses all over the world. A combination of subtle beige tones and a mixture of the most beautiful textures give such pictures a special charm. Delicate cashmere, flowing silk, fine suit wool and soft knit - all variations look perfect!

Total black

The most effective combination of textures is soft, cuddly cashmere and densely flowing silk. If the tone of the image is also retained in accessories, it just gets luxurious! The classic cashmere assistant is a subtle note from the Furnari designer. It is supplemented by a breathtaking zobel fur side stock - another fantastic texture and plus 100 points for your charm.

Total white

A win-win option for every occasion-a flawless look in a pure selection of pearl tones. In the new season, the Furnari designers embody the snow-white trend in an elegant coat made of the finest Italian cashmere, which is supplemented with a side stock made of short-haired nerz.

Latte vanilla

The image in shades of baked milk is a favorite technique of heroes of the street style chronicles. Our solution is a cozy urban look with a short-cut cashmeal coat in a stylish smoky Morning Fog color. The model is supplemented by a luxurious scarf collar made of silky marten fur.

Almond Oil

To weaken the absolute total look, select pastel accompanying colors. Our choice is a cashmere poncho in an almond tone, combined with a knitting suit in the color baked milk. Incredible charm of the model give cozy fur cuffs and a stylish stand -up collar.