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Furnari® Personal tailoring: to make your dreams come true

Create the perfect look with Tailor Made by Furnari®. In just 14 days, the brand's craftsmen bring your dream model to life - with a perfect fit, impeccable materials, with finely selected details such as designer stitching or hand-embroidered personal monograms. A major advantage of the Tailor Made format is that you don't have to come to countless fittings. All products are designed according to verified author's cuts, adapted to your dimensions and perfected.

The hallmarks of Tailor Made by Furnari® are classic coats made from high-quality cashmere and fur coats made from precious natural fur.

Perfect fit for you

The mission of Tailor Made by Furnari® is to create products that underline your individuality and your special sense of taste. The product, born exclusively for you, has an incredible charm because it is perfect in everything - from the color and texture of the materials to the smallest nuances of the cut. Such a thing impeccably sits on the figure, does not constrain movements and gives incredible comfort and pleasure.

Selection of high quality fabrics

The choice of fabrics for tailoring is the most important stage in the creation of any model. Furnari® artisans have been working with trusted European brands for over 20 years. For classic coats, the best fabrics from Italian cashmere are selected, for fur products - natural fur from sable, marten and mink with impeccable workmanship. Not so long ago, in the Tailor Made line, it was possible to order sheepskin coats - the softest double-sided sheepskin is used for their tailoring.

Furnari® designers will not only help you to choose the material according to your preferences, but also take into account its features and properties when designing the product, so you can have peace of mind - the finished product will not lose its shape during wear, and with proper Care retains its original appearance for many years.

Style concept: European classic

The style concept of the brand can also be traced in individual tailoring - the traditions of classic European style are embodied in laconic cuts, timeless silhouettes and pure colors. A stunning palette inspired by nature itself, turning to noble, discreet shades - classic beige, pearly white, sky blue, ecru, French grey, anthracite, emerald and others. This is how a timeless classic is created.

Quality control. 100% handmade

At the heart of every product ordered are dozens of hours of painstaking work by the brand's team of craftsmen. Valuable experience and delicate craftsmanship allow you to create incredible models, in which every detail is worked out down to the smallest nuance - just look at the characteristic designer seams that adorn cashmere coats! Impeccable quality is also achieved through strict quality control – before the product reaches its future owner, it goes through several stages of rigorous testing.

Product development process


The process of creating your dream product includes several pleasant meetings with Furnari® designers. You can choose the format of the meeting that suits you - in the brand's corporate premises in the center of Moscow or online via video connection. At the first meeting, the main nuances of the future model are discussed - style, features of the cut, wishes for the type and color of the material and other details.


Measurements are taken immediately after the overall style concept is agreed, this can be done online (brand designers will give instructions and, if necessary, control the process themselves) or come to the Furnari® corporate room.


Fabric selection is one of the most interesting moments. During an offline meeting, you can see live samples of fabrics and furs, as well as real models made from these materials. If you prefer to process the order online, the brand's designers will send you photos of samples and record a video to demonstrate the texture in more detail.


Now it remains to choose pleasant details - the color and material of the lining (for example, brand designers often use stylishly printed eco-silk for fur coats), the type of fastener, the type of fur for trimming cashmere products, as well as such nuances as embroidering your initials .


A major advantage of the Tailor Made format is that you don't have to come to countless fittings. All products are designed according to your measurements on the basis of impeccable author's samples, adjusted to specific parameters and brought to perfection.