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Kashmir: Nursing instructions

Kashmir has an incredible softness, silky texture and excellent wearing properties. Compliance with simple rules for the maintenance of cashmere products extends the lifespan of your favorite pieces and keeps the beauty and elegance of the material for a long time.

Rain snow

A cashmere assistant shouldn't stay wet for long - the cashmere fabric can stretch under the weight of water. After returning from the street, shake it with a slight movement and hang it up on wide hangers. Make sure that there are no direct heat sources (radiators, convectors, air conditioning systems) nearby.



Be careful when combining coats with metallic decor, bracelets, sequins, coarse leather belts - you can damage sensitive cashmere. Do not keep heavy objects in your jacket bags - metal key, phones - the fabric can stretch.


Home care

Choose wide shoulders with voluminous, streamlined ribs for a cashmeal coat, you avoid stretching the fabric in the shoulder area. Be careful not to hang anything with coarse metal fittings or Velcro fasteners next to the coat, you can damage the delicate texture of Kashmir. To quickly refresh the fur and wrinkle, use the steamer (select low or medium steam output).


Seasonal care

We recommend that you contact professional chemical cleaning when a stain appears on the coat, forming with a bag or a car seat by friction. Washing cashmere diets is prohibited. Even gentle washing in a gentle wash leads to a deformation of the product and to destroy the texture of the tissue.


Seasonal storage

The ideal solution for the seasonal storage is a cotton cover: it does not generate a vacuum and lets the cashmere fabric "breathe". We recommend sticking bags with lavender or bag with a neutral smell in your pockets - make sure when choosing the components of the bag that you do not react allergically. Every spray or gel product can damage the canvas, no longer use it.