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Kashmir: The price and value of perfection

Kashmir is associated with warmth, incredible softness and comfort. One of the most expensive and rarest materials is only created in a few regions of the world and is only...

Kashmir is associated with warmth, incredible softness and comfort. One of the most expensive and rarest materials is only created in a few regions of the world and is only made by hand.

Thanks to careful, sustainable production methods, Kaschmir has a royal character. Unique, comfortable properties - tender, airy, weightless, warming and an aristocratic face - gives the cashmere a magicalGrade.


Furnari® FW '2021 collection

Where cashmere is created

Kashmir arises from the subfell of the mountain goat Capra Hircus, who lives on the plateau of Mongolia, China (inner Mongolia) and Tibet. A short, hot summer and an icy winter give the goats a thick, soft and very tender underfell. In the late spring the farmers comb goats with special comb their undercoats Spacious to protect it from the heat and as soon as the autumn cold comes, the undercoat grows. Animal welfare organizations are surprised by the care and harmony of this process.



Caschmir's material value

Kashmir only makes 0.5 % of all woolen fabrics worldwide. A goat gives 110-170 grams of precious fluff. A cashmere sweater consists of 600-700 grams, and for a coat you need two to three times more. Italian craftsmen manually twist cashmere threads that are thinner several times than a hair made of invisible fibers. Responsible brands do not mix Kashmir with fibers from other fabrics. Because pure cashmere lasts longer and remains soft, which you can easily determine with a hand contact.


Furnari® FW '2021 collection 


Natural cashmere color

A real gift of nature is that Kashmir is always beautiful in both its tinted form and in its timeless, natural colors. The cashmere is available in different colors and enables you to select your most popular shade - milky, beige, coffee and silver. The selection of tinted cashmere fabrics is incredibly diverse. In general, designers prefer soft shades that can also be found in nature - deep emerald green, sunset sky color, sky blue and powdery pink tones.




The magic of cashmereS

Kashmir is 8 times warmer than ordinary wool, but at the same time indispensable not only in winter, but also on a mild summer evening on the coast. How is that possible? Kashmir tissue has fantastic properties of thermoregulation - products perfectly store the warmth, warm in cold weather and at the same time offer comfort in spring as in autumn, which prevents the body from overheating. Kashmir "breathes" perfectly, absolutely hypoallergenic and safe. With careful care, cashmere products keep their original beauty, its delicate texture and their flawless form for many years.


Cashmere care

A beloved cashmere assistant can give its owner a long time when you observe simple care recommendations:

Lift shoulders with wide, streamlined ribs;

  • Do not expose the sensitive fabric metal jewelry, sequins and coarse leather belts;

If you come from outside, then with a slight movement raindrops or
Shake off snowflakes from the coat;

Keep the coat away from direct heat sources and direct sunlight;

  • Never wash your coat yourself - only professional chemical cleaning is recommended;

If you put the coat aside at the end of the season, put a odor-neutral antimol or lavender bag in your pocket. Make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the bag.


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