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Recommendations for the care of natural skins

 Each Furnari® model is handcrafted from the finest natural fur. The fur will retain all its best properties for many years - plasticity, silkiness, softness and its shine by following few simple recommendations for care.

 Sable | Marten | Chinchilla | Mink


 After returning from the street, make sure that the fur is dry. If there are any remains of snow flakes or water droplets on the villi, shake the fur coat with a slight movement and leave it in a ventilated room until it runs dry completely. Make sure that there are no direct heat sources nearby (for example: radiators, convectors, air conditioners).


Seat heating can harm delicate fur fabrics: direct heat and dry hot air dry out the base of the skins, which can lead to deformation of the fur coats.


 Choose wide coat hangers with voluminous streamlined ribs for a fur coat. They will help to avoid stretching in the shoulder area due to the uniform weight distribution of the fur coats. Make sure that things with coarse metal fittings or Velcro fasteners (velcro) do not weigh nearby because they can damage the delicate pile of the fur fabric.



 Caring for natural fur is very simple. Once a season (in winter, spring, summer and autumn) air the product in fresh cool air - in less than an hour the fur will be filled with air and become more voluminous and acquire a natural glow. Make sure that the coat is not exposed to direct sunlight during ventilation.


The ideal solution for seasonal storage is a cotton cover: it does not create a vacuum, allowing the fur fabric to “breathe”. We recommend you to put “antimol” sachets with a neutral odor in the pockets of the coat. Remember that any spray or gel product can harm the fur fabric.


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